by Tyler Holmes

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released June 8, 2016

Written, Performed & Produced by Tyler Holmes
Recorded 2014 -2015 by E in the tenderloin, SF and @ Oddfellows
and by Tyler Holmes in between Oakland & SF
Mixed by E & Tyler Holmes
'Cum Cavern'Recorded, Produced, Mixed by Keith Tadashi Kubota in Oakland
E played guitar on The Braid and bass on I Probably Can't & Loose Kittens
additional synth on Medusa
additional production on Dead Girl, Sheila, I Probably Can't & Harpe
vainhein sings on Medusa & The Braid
Cover art by Craig Calderwood
Tape Art by vainhein

too many people to thank

out now on Cassette on Cool World


all rights reserved



Tyler Holmes


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Track Name: Harpe
But can you keep it to yourself?
There's nothing i won't do
To know that you're distorted
To feel the end of you
And though i've been contorted
I'm gonna see this through
And there's a space i'll occupy
More harm done from the inside
And when you sleep you'll see my face
No other hands will grip you
And there's and image you replace
I know the real one

What i wouldn't give to be the one
To choke the last breath from your lungs
What i wouldn't give to
Rub up against the humiliated part of you

It must be worse the more you realize
Now that there's no one left to owe
Its getting backward
Can't you see i'm still your sister not your foe?

In a time when i felt quixotic
In a noise that had found me lifted
Its missing
Just risen
From a path, from a tongue
From a bitch that became so twisted
Resisted every word that he said
'Neurotic', 'Exotic'
Better moods get me bodied
To a new state i advance
Passed the shade and the groping of hands
Better zip that pussy and lock it
Better put your faith in a new plan and
Girl you've got it all wrong
Track Name: Loose Kittens
Some honey and rust have come to your voice
Dear, After all these years
You're just as beautiful as ever
The wound is still so fresh
Its hard to lose you in the ether
Harder to hold you in the flesh

Can we stay together if i'm in fragments?
Can we go together if you're on your own?
Will you hold my hand as my heart turns inside out?
(Will you hold my head as my hole turns inside out?)
Can we say 'goodbye' only to say 'hello' again?

There's a character missing
So i write him in a new part
Express the love that just wont grow
Hide the heart that just won't start
There's a player missing
So i try to move her notes
No one holds her weight
No other actress sells the role

The mimic forgets her own voice
What to do with your useless fucking life
Now that you've got the choice?
Waste it on me
Building the monster
Build the machine
Only to hide every inch of my being
But from whom?

With one last bite
I could consume you
With your last light
Let me know
Is your new life that much better without me?
Track Name: Medusa
Enclave of the vanities
She lies in the bed
Dead from pitying humanity
When everything's distorted can you loosen the noose?
Act like everything's important
Holding firm to the curse
You chose to be this turnt

Reduce her to her knees
She think she ready
Such a fool for masculinity
Keep your gaze
I'm just a statue it doesn't mean anything
Let me go
When will you let me go?

Shrinking and inverting
How my little heart was hurting
Married proudly to fear
As i have always been here
but now that superstition has beaten you to submission
Can you wrestle it back?
And is the magic intact?
But it breaks me apart
To know its fixed from the start
I was petrified
Track Name: Cum Cavern
And if you let the right ones in
Maybe your hole can feel as cold as this
Bare glowing skeleton
Unveil your fear
If the rope has got some take
Maybe master will allow
Your insipid heart to break
Like i do, Like i break
Take as much as you can take
Like i fib, Like i fake
Feel a chill that i can't shake

To my girls all around the world getting dissed
Cheers to this
To my bitches that be having a vision of bliss
High five

Worth the pain
Hear you calling my name
In cum cavern
All else is eclipsed
Worth the pain
Heard you calling my name
In cum cavern
The monster gets its wish
Track Name: Anhedonia
Marked off as 'anhedonia'
She's looking the same
If we would only try to peak
We'd see what remains
Hollow girl with an ankle weight
I'm living for the chance to break this
Shallow field that's caving in
In In IN
Form some meat into the shape
& i'll hold your hand
If you could make her heart appear
To be whole

Beautiful, beautiful
It turned out beautiful
I'm not saying a godamn thing
Like i feel, Like i hope
You acquire the life you dream

Anhedonia; is place that we have seen
Anhedonia; is a girl that we have been
Track Name: In Pastel
At least you know that i can't be reborn this time
I'm gone for sure
Show me your greatest weakness
Son, your wear is showing

Your hell
Now in pastel
Like It was a memory
Only for thing
But the inside is overtaking the whole
Only to find a mirror
That will hold
The mirror hides where i'll go

Say 'its good'
Say 'its mine'
Say 'you should'
Say 'its fine'
Track Name: Sheila
Tell me when to stop and i'll keep going
A shame
You want to know
Who i've been showing
And where i go

Oh, Sheila

Oh, Sheila
Can i adopt your prose?
Should i rifle through your memory?
Should i take off all my clothes?
Oh, Sheila
Where are we now
Oh, Sheila
Should i be proud of myself?
Track Name: The Braid
The Braid

Ghosts wind in backward
My tail it came to curl
But not since I last heard
My life it learned a snarl
Yes, you came and you gave me Mithras
Yes, you broken
You know, Sir

The braid
The bind
Leave love behind
The knot
The tie
Let love inside

Braid your fear to mine
Our entrails entwined
Track Name: Dead Girl
When we were here before
I saw a man o' war
Strewn you by the beach
So close yet out of reach
Now your light is gone
Trapped inside a shell
Now your love is gone

Love tycoon
Ready for the world
Your attitude is like glass
But its all good if you cover it with words
Love tycoon
Ready for the word
But can you sell emotion?
Can you barter with my love?

You couldn't say it to my face
You'd never ask
How could you tell
Left some flowers for the dead girl
Wrote you this song to wish you well
Track Name: I Probably Can't
(Gold ★)

If you can keep it together
I'll give you a gold ★
If you can keep it together
Then maybe i can
I probably can't
But maybe i can...

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