by Tyler Holmes

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released June 8, 2011

Recorded At various homes in Marin, San Francisco and Oakland.
Violin, piano, guitars, synth, keyboards, percussion, drum machine,
beats, vocoder, vocals and samples by Tyler Holmes
Album Cover by Cabure Bonugli (Shot in the city)
Artwork by Tyler Holmes
Thanks to my Family, Kallisto Damore, Sam Kehl,
Yosefine Tinkleman, B.J. Dini, Sammie y LaLa, Karen.
This Album is dedicated to Nanny & The Mean One.



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Tyler Holmes


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Track Name: Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain

I feel like a boy

Since I found you in pieces
These chains are all I have known
I can only cling
Know no other way to hold

Dwarfed by insecurity
Drowned out by your love
Losing definition
As you stand above

Thin layer, a membrane, bound to you, daisy chain
You are the crown around my skull
Track Name: Gilded Shells
Gilded Shells

on the attack
my nigga climbed right back
waste ten more years trying to get at that
try to scale the platinum jail
try to break myself out but it never fails
looking like a banshee
stuck like a tattoo
the shit is beyond best
baby, what we gonna do?
make it to the morning
maybe if with only knew

golden shackles
gilded shells
you brought me here?
i brought myself.
i walked here on my own two legs
now, let me be alone

such brilliant chains
to bind my bones
this husk is all you asked for
can't decide which love to mask more
force me to the floor

such gilded shells we hide inside
so soft beneath, we try to lie
my parts are platinum
chained inside
i've looked for you
but i've been blind

the empty space it can't be filled
you try to move, it wont be willed
evident no matter how skilled
the empty shell you try to gild
Track Name: Hipsterisms No.2
Hipsterisms No. 2

My hipsterisms don't amount
To being washed away and out
And not to mask one's own pretension
Just outside my comprehension?
Every trait i try to feign
Emblazoned bolder in your name
With every fault that you reflect
Aggrandize your own intellect

"Write a song about it
Write a fucking song about it"
Evisceration all along
Lead me down and lead me on
Don't say a thing but feel it all

Oh look what i see
The path unfurls for me
The primrose path, sweet like a peach
I know myself, its out of reach
Fading like an hourglass
The dream it seems to swim right past
A new
I flicker on the screen
Until the credits
You'll watch me
Track Name: Your Body, The Drug
Your Body, The Drug.

I'm panting, shaking, drooling in addiction
Now it seems your body is the drug

Hold yourself close
Dawn draws near
The Guest and the host
The line becomes all too clear

What you want is chains upon you
I just want you to ring me through
All you want is lashes laid upon me
I just want to continue

You're asleep if you think i'm gonna lie back
And watch you love me less and less and less
Your asleep if you think I didn't know that

In This platinum prison
We've built around the
Lust and indecision
Unable to wake up
To the faded focus
To the azure view
I have seemed to lose the locus
Of my addiction to you
Track Name: Your Hands Around My Throat
Your Hands Around My Throat (Abalone Minotaur)

Into the maw
of codependency
falling helplessly in after me
the hinterland is gray
shifting softly around us
in the gizzard of our longing
take a scissor to this lust

The minotaur sniffs and kicks
Hot sand into my eyes
The prick of a pin
Takes him by surprise
His shell is abalone
His hooves are brass and bronze
His lust it leaves me lonely
He wraps my corpse in gauze

out of pink and into pearl
i start to see your tail uncurl
opalescent foam and ink
a hole in us we start to sink

I feel your grip
it makes me hard
all my dreams are coming true
around my throat
your hands will slip
my complexion all gone blue

Maze of love
Will it ever be over?
Drug down in delta
Passion in clover

confusing hunger for nourishment
confused addiction with love

lead to swamps like antelope
alligator eyes will well
abandon jetsam from the boat
to work so hard to fuck your throat
Track Name: Cartoonized

I've become cartoonized
waiting lazy all my life
and i've become a second wife
i've been in sunder
i've been wide

i've never seen such handsome trust
the blood is bad
i feel harmonious
please just hold me as i turn to dust
Track Name: Pinnate ( Again )

Behind the windows
They are vista views
With bright illusions we are drawn right up to
But now i feel as though i am
As light as a feathers can get
Can't even scream loud enough to free myself from you
Every time that we undress
How it seems to make a mess
You asked for nothing
You got less
You pressed it right up to my chest
And we were only there for seconds
Track Name: Hipsterisms